In a remote corner of Poland lies a mysterious place called Bialowieza, the last primeval forest in Europe. It is here that 450 wild zubr, or bison, roam free. This herd is one of the last of its kind and is granted the strictest protection under national and international environmental laws.

Deep in the forest's canopy grows a distinctively aromatic plant-Hierochloe odorata, or bison grass. Named in honor of the bison, for which the grass is a favorite food, this sweet-smelling plant grows in small clumps, resists cultivation and is still exclusively hand-harvested by the same 21 registered families that have been harvesting the grass for centuries.

Since the 14th Century, bison grass has been used to infuse flavor into Zubrowka (ZOO-BROV-KA), a singular vodka of supreme smoothness. A blade of this grass is hand-placed into each bottle, a tradition that honors the ingredient that lends a flavor unlike any other to this cherished vodka.

Zubrowka was a favorite drink of the Polish nobility who traditionally enjoyed it with apple juice, and its quality and unique taste were highly appreciated by travelers who spread its popularity throughout all of Eurasia.

True Zubrowka is produced according to strict regulations by the acclaimed Polmos Bialystok Distillery, the only distillery in Poland authorized to produce bison grass vodka.

Today, ZU® Bison Grass Vodka is being discovered by discerning drinkers and mixologists all over the world who value its award-winning taste and versatility. Enjoy ZU on the rocks, or use it as a base spirit to shake up your favorite cocktail.


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it's naturally flavored.

ZU® Bison Grass Vodka begins as a luxury Polish vodka made from the finest select grains of rye that fill the spirit with a rich, natural sweetness. It is distilled four times using a unique double-step process to deliver supreme smoothness. Independently, this singular vodka would easily be considered one of the finest ever crafted.

But, as remarkable as it is, it wouldn't be ZU.

To make it an authentic Zubrowka, each bottle of this pristine vodka is infused with the essence of bison grass, which imparts a pale olive color, unparalleled freshness and fragrance, and a lingering, subtly sweet hint of fruitiness.

The flavor is often said to bear notes of vanilla and almond... but according to W. Somerset Maugham in The Razor's Edge, Zubrowka "smells of freshly mown hay and spring flowers, of thyme and lavender, and it's soft on the palate and so comfortable, it's like listening to music by the moonlight."

It has been said that ZU is not flavored vodka at all, but vodka with flavor. Either way, you'll delight in the versatility of its floral aroma, smooth body, and mellow taste. Try it mixed with unfiltered apple juice, the traditional way of enjoying ZU.

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Start your favorite cocktail with ZU. Its refreshing flavor and supreme smoothness
transform cocktails into something completely unique.

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